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D2 is Digital 2insan, I have a lot of questions, Obey One God, many ambitions and need a place to put things out


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D2: Idealizms 001

  • P1:: when will u torture me?

  • P2:: that is coming up

  • P2:: for now, we need ure statement once again. As WE told you

  • P1:: ...

  • P1:: ... Remind me again of my charges...

  • P2:: You are hereby charged with the crimes of not being like everyone

  • P2:: Everyone sees how great and fantastic things are becoming, yet you refuse to accept this change

  • P2:: why do you refuse it!

  • P1:: ...I

  • P2:: why? why would you not just except the options we gave you?

  • P2:: We gave you so many options for every desire,

  • P2:: WHY do you refuse it?

  • P2:: there isn't a medium nor media that we have not infiltrated and made it just right,,,

  • P2:: So,why? tell me why.. do you refuse it?

  • P1:: In my heart i feel this thing

  • P1:: I will never forget the first time i felt it, and cant say i know the first time i did feel it, but i always know the feeling.

  • P2:: ….

  • [Should I Continue?]

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