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D2 is Digital 2insan, I have a lot of questions, Obey One God, many ambitions and need a place to put things out


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The Wrong

Do you know who you are?
Where you came from?
What you are made of?
What other beings exist?
Its known, many don’t know, but its known. We prefer you don’t know. We dont want you to know, prefer your forget.
When I say we I am referring to the other creations. We all know what your existence means to ours and I will say many aren’t too happy about it.
The look on your face, as if you don’t care.  What could you possibly care about… . Let me see

I can tell you how to get all that you need of power, sex and anything in ure dreams
you will have enough of it for this lifetime. All in your hands and will be for you to do with it your biddings.
but, before i can tell you, YOU, have to do something for me and you have to mean it when you do.
And i will know if one day u feel differently„, and i could take it all away from you.
So, what do you say? are you interested?
Fancy having what you want, when you want and how you want ?
you don’t believe me?
Want a Sample?
They usualy ask for money.
As he wipes his hand over, ever so smoothly and quickly, shiny yellow gold and money appears, regardless of how calm you felt earlier, things feel more ….  
Feel it, touch it … go ahead. Make sure its real
he smiles and brings it closer to your reach
I told you, its real and i would give it all to you, if you want it? No need to pay it back even.
Its for you to do as you wish with.
Im sure you have many things that you need
Much that you can do with this money, so, do i have your attention now?

Numb you are. I see. Makes it even more interesting for me.
What is it then that you wish?

Oh i know! Dont tell me
its so obviuos, … and u thought i didnt know?
Ofcourse i would know!

- D2

Shall I Continue?

A Journey to Unknown Known



World Population currently estimated to be 6.93 billion… 

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