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News! A total reversal of Earth’s Magnetic Fields is coming!

Might Wanna Watch This All Way Thru

Highly Recomended

Arabic Version

If you think about it, books of religion are books of science, philosophy, history, law, logic, etc. While the books we have start with ones before Torah and end in Quran. So if u stop at one its almost like not getting the full story. Or like watching one part of a movie (say harry potter ) and refusing to watch the rest to get the full story. Then you have those who listen to the story from a friend or watch a preview and think they get the whole thing, and it isn’t so. Those who themselves read it all understand in ways no one else can. This is how I feel about the Quran. (the word Quran translates in English to that which is read)


I Challenge Thee!

I Would like someone to convince me that there is more than One God!

I would like someone to convince me that God does not every second of our lives gives the choice between Good and bad!

I would like someone to convince me that Angles & Demons do not exist!

I would like someone to convince me that we are not the sons and daughters of Adam & Eve, that we were monkeys first!

I challenge thee to convince me!

Slang: Disparaging

* a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way: a hopeless social retard.
* Added:
o Forgetful in negative ways
o Hurtful of ones self and surroundings.

The majority of us humans are retarded, each to different degrees and levels. If you are capable of separating your self from the situation you reside in and observe the worlds happenings from an informed, educated and respectable human beings perspective, then it will be very clear how in fact true it is that there are, sadly, a large majority of retards and that may very well include you/me . Let us make some statements and set assumptions in which we will agree on to continue my reason for calling the majority of us retarded.

* History repeats it self.
* Everything happens for a reason.
* All religions are different variations to factual and real historic happenings.
* Everything is connected.
* The human race has one common enemy, that is Satan.
* There is one God that knows exactly what its doing.
* There are 3 creations revealed to us by God, Angles, Humans and Jinn (ghosts, devils,etc…)
* All stories that exist are variations of actual happenings. (movies, books, etc…)

If you acknowledge all of the above that might mean you are not retarded even if you do not believe in some or all of the above, suppose them as laws to an imaginary universe and read forward. How can it be that i see the following things happening and not get worried?

* Realising most people are lost and confused as to what is important and what is not
* Family & social lives are heading in directions that are not good for us
* No leader is a Leading us to anything good.
* What used to feel like unshakable foundations have been crumbling in-front of our own eyes.

So how is it that i know and see these things and sit here doing nothing about it? How? must mean im retarded in some way or form. What is it? conformity or retardity(made up word)?

Why are we here? what are we doing here? what the heck are we supposed to be doing? what is good? what is bad? The answers are there, but we always forget them. Is that not retarded?

It is.

What makes it more so is when I flip through the TV and watch disasters effecting the lives of many humans in one area and while we have the technology to instantly broadcast all this bad happenings across the world still see dance nights, tv contests, late night entertainment shows it feels retarded. if your brother, mother, freind, etc… passed would you not mourn? reflect on what lead to his/her death? take a moment to ground my self and re absorb whats happening? How can something so big happen an i be so …. blah.. Natural disasters, revolutions, wars, IPad vs Playbook, Horder vs Allaince, red against blue, Muslim against Christian, against Jew against Hindu against everyone else. Were all factioned, segregated and separated…
If you see someone dying in front of you will u be affected? or has your heart numbed it out with all the different death scenes you have seen in the news, movies, etc.. `
Why, why is all this happening? do we have answers? yes we do, but we forget.
Imagine if everyone decides suddenly to remember what hurts, whats right, whats wrong, and whats true….(would never happen unless God wills it.) image we are all responsible and humane human beings again.
I imagine things in this world as switches, they are either on or off and u choose; im a retard or im not.

If i am, what can the doctor prescribe to make me better. Read and analyze with your heart. Not what you hear and people tell you, but what you your self read, research, think-through and analyze and feels right in your heart.
But above all, if you do not ask and seek the aid of the right source there is no way you will not be a retard.


Who lives in the 11th dimension?

What about Jinn? God told us they exist with us but cant see them…
they see us, but us  not them…
And yes, they can do things we cant do (and vice-versa)

So why don’t these scientist consider all knowledge we have?
they are willing to explore science fiction as a possibility(aliens, etc…)?
but not knowledge passed down by our God and through his Prophets…
It would be awesome to see where their theories go when considering the existence of Jinn and Angels (i.e the true aliens, not those seen on TV and Blockbuster movies)

Very intriguing…


What is Faith? Belief in the absence of evidence … believing when there is no compelling evidence is a mistake.

What about all the prophets known to us and unknown? their abilities, their knowledge? is that not evidence? What about the design of this universe and everything in it? just a mistake? without purpose? I dont think so and would suck if it was…

Once we overcome our fear of being tiny, we find ourselves on the threshold of a vast and awesome Universe that utterly dwarfs — in time, in space, and in potential — the tidy anthropocentric proscenium of our ancestors. We gaze across billions of light-years of space to view the Universe shortly after the Big Bang, and plumb the fine structure of matter. We peer down into the core of our planet, and the blazing interior of our star. We read the genetic language in which is written the diverse skills and propensities of every being on Earth. We uncover hidden chapters in the record of our origins, and with some anguish better understand our nature and prospects. We invent and refine agriculture, without which almost all of us would starve to death. We create medicines and vaccines that save the lives of billions. We communicate at the speed of light, and whip around the Earth in an hour and a half. We have sent dozens of ships to more than seventy worlds, and four spacecraft to the stars. We are right to rejoice in our accomplishments, to be proud that our species has been able to see so far, and to judge our merit in part by the very science that has so deflated our pretensions.

Carl Sagan

The Latest on What Top Scientific Minds Are Thinking About The Universe

Im referencing the new show airing on Discovery, link is here, curated by Morgan Freeman.

When i watch stuff like this Always think,
I wonder what all these amazing minds from all over the world can find out if they install the knowledge of Islam in their search?

I say this because all these shows have no mentioning of God, some are good at being somewhat neutral and others, they obviously curve towards trending belief systems.

Over and again we forget and start being misled into belief system that encompass many of the  attributes of the most common religions except for the acknowledgment of God.Within our confusion and with the help with all the media feeding us faster, harder, and quicker than ever before we forget and its expected as God and His Prophets said this would happen.

I do believe that i need to believe in something to keep me sane and going, and as of today we have neo pagans, scientologists and a few more options to believe in along side Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and so on.I consider Islam as the latest patch to the Religion Operating System  and in the end  all religions are tied to our existence.

So my thoughts regarding the topics discussed.
Even before watching this I totally could see how parts of String Theory describe our universe, it has helped me scientifically explain how it can make sense that our time and Gods time are different, along side how the Jinn and angles can exist without us being aware of them.

M theory! that im not sure about…. it could be something that happens somewhere in the universe… but just seemed like a desperate reach for adding one more theory to the list of theories i guess…

Least thats what i think….

and i just now saw the Haunting on Discovery…..

oh man do we forget!

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